Reviews & Testimonials


"Sattriya dance, which has been given classical state, is yet a fledging, growing at a fast rate. The stances of the form have been neatly presented by Meenakshi."

Tapati Chowdhurie in, 5th May 2020.

"Meenakshi was grace personified as she went through the Nritta covering all the three cycles of speed that is mandatory to classical dance. The Anjali mudra (namaste as a greeting) to footwork gave her dance a quaint charm. The incorporation of Putana Vadh was undertaken with great artistic detailing of how the demonic woman hatches many a wicked plan to kill the infant Krishna before finally deciding to transform herself into a matronly soft woman offering to nurse the baby. Her eye expressions spoke eloquent as she portrayed the role of the wicked demon."

Ranee Kumar in the Hindu, 1st March 2019.

"...Meenakshi thus showcased her full command on both the Nritta or Pure dance and Abhinaya, the expressional part of Sattriya dance. The graceful dancer convinced the discerning audience of her abundant talent and ample potentials.."

Manjari Sinha in The Statesmen, 10th January, 2019.

"...Meenakshi Medhi, originally from Guwahati, now residing in Delhi, a student of Late Adhyapak Jibanjit Dutta and Adhyapak Haricharan Bhuyan Borbayan displayed complete mastery over all aspects of her dance form, both Nritta and Abhinaya. Her performance depicting the ‘Prakriti’, comprised of Sali Naas by Mahapurush Madhavdev (Tal Suta Tal, Thukoni Tal) in the beginning followed by slokabinaya for ‘Sarata Sashanka kara’ (Rag Sareng). The finale of her performance depicting the destruction of Putana and Bakasura was flawlessly executed, with effortlessly graceful movements and outstanding abhinaya. Sattriya was probably presented for the first time in Madurai by Kalai Koodam Academy of performing Arts Trust. The 600 people gathered in the auditorium (it was packed!!) were certainly watching Sattriya dance for the very first time and were thoroughly captivated by Meenakshi. Her composure, confidence and effortless way of transforming from one character to another were the highlights of her performance."

Murugashankari in, 2018.

"... Meenakshi Medhi brought a welcome change through the Sattriya Dance. Ramavandana, Slokabhinaya and Dashawathara- were performed by her. With beautiful customary dress and soft but impressive footwork, Sattriya attracted the attention of the house.."

Prof. V. Subramanya on 4th November, 2013 in Deccan Herald.

".......and Meenakshi Medhi, two disciples from Guru Jibanjt Dutta’s Natan Sattriya Academy, in their duet performance in male costumes offered a prayer to Lord Krishna with shloka Sundargopalam urvanamalam describing Krishna’s beauty. The dramatic presentation from ‘Ajamila Upakhyana’ had poignant moments, when on his deathbed, Ajamila calls his son whose name is Narayana, addressing him aloud “Narayana…Narayana…” and Lord Vishnu comes to save him from the clutches of Yama, god of death. Though the events were performed in quick succession, the abhinaya was intense."

Dr Sunil Kothari in Narthaki .com, 2012.

"..the Sattriya is a dance form that is now slowly emerging as a classical dance due to its expressive and 'nritta' components. Meenakshi with her extremly expressive eyes and vigorous movements showed the Dashavatara and engrossed the audience."

Dwarka Parichay News, 19th January 2011.


It was really wonderful. watched your performance very intently and found you to be profound in your movements and expressions. you are a very talented artist. Best wishes.

Amod kanth, Rtd IPS officer, Former DGP of Goa and Arunachal Pradesh, and Founder of NGO Prayas. 2nd January 2019.

"....your performance was amazing! Watching you, I got multiple waves of goosebumps! I've never seen a performance of Sattriya before and I loved every minute of it."

Varthika, a rasika in AICA dance festival 2018, Madurai on 24 June 2018.

"Dear Meenakshi, it was nice to have you for workshop demonstrations in Kota as part of SPICMACAY initiative. You worked very well with the children & this representation will bring a lot of new outlook in your dance. Keep working for yourself & try to emerge in happiness of performing."

Ashok Jain, National Vice Chairman,artist group convenor, SPICMACAY on 27/10/2017.

"This is the very first time I have seen a Sattriya dance recital. In fact, this is the first time ever I have heard about it as well. And I must applaud your performance. It took me to another world. Your dance moves,facial expressions were absolutely mesmerizing. In fact, the entire performance was absolutely graceful. One could feel the devotion that emanated from your dance recital. It was pure and so delightful, that I was almost in tears many a times. May God bless you always. Thank you and I am so glad I am here today and could see your world."

Dimple, a rasika in Neemrana Fort Palace on 19th March 2016.

"Meenakshi, bohot sundar Nritya kiya aapne, nice expressions, bhavpurna nritya. Good wishes."

Sumitra Mahajan (Speaker of Lok Sabha) 31/05/2016.

"Your performance at Navodit organized by EZCC, Kolkata was outstanding and technically sound. You are an young talented artist and I hope you will shine shine in the near future."

Dr Om Prakash Bharti, Associate Professor, School of Literature, Dept of Performing Arts, MGAHV, Wardha on 14/11/2015.

. ".....Your dance recital was very smooth, sweet and graceful. There was no inertia at all in any posture. Transition from one movement to another was perfect and flawless. All steps were performed very nicely. I am sure you will grow up to be a great danseuse of India in future."

Dr Sanjib Kumar Borkakoti, Noted author, academician and the President of Society for Srimanta Sankaradeva on 05/01/2012.

"Excellent, fantastic. Wish you all success. We are all proud of you."

Honourable Governor of Assam Shri P.B Acharya and Smt. Kavita Acharya.

"A very talented and promising young dancer. May God bless you."

Ranjana Gauhar(Leading exponent of Odissi, Padma Shree and Sangeet Natak Akademi Awardee).